Snooty areas play big baccarat and their area is separated from the rest. Usually, the players are dressed very well and the minimums of the table are usually high. Regular tables of baccarat have the same size as craps tables with three dealers and a maximum of fourteen players overall. Every player - the dealer included - can bet for the dealer or player. However, it would be customary for dealers to make bets on themselves.

General description

The deal moves around the baccarat table, as the dice does in craps. Whenever a player refuses to deal, he can give the shoe up to whoever is next. That same person is going to deal as the dealer keeps winning. Whoever deals will place two face-down cards tucked underneath the shoe. Then, he will give the highest better two more face-down cards. The player will check out the cards before returning them to the dealer. After that, the dealer will turn the cards over and a casino dealer will announce what the totals are.

Depending on those totals, a dealer will tell the dealer to bring out another card. Lastly, winning bets will be paid out by the dealers while the loosing bets will be collected. The playing dealing cannot be held responsible for the bets of other players, unlike in pai gow. Instead, he simply turns the cards over.

Mini baccarat follows the exact same rules as big baccarat, but unlike the former, the dealer will turn over every card for faster transitions.

Midi baccarat and mini baccarat are the same, aside from the table size and it can be found in rooms with high limits instead of at the main floor of the casino.

The General Rules

  • Eight card decks are normally used.
  • Cards will be given the following point values: Ace is one, 2 to 9 is pip value, face cards and 10 are 0.
  • At every new shoe's start, the dealer is going to turn a card over to determine the amount of cards to burn.
  • The cutting card is going to be placed sixteen places from the shoe's bottom. Whenever this card appears, the hand will finish. Another one will be played afterwards and a brand new shoe will begin. If that card shows up as opposed to the initial card, the hand will finish and a brand new shoe will begin again.
  • The game starts after every player bets on a tie, the dealer, or the player. At several tables, it is also possible to bet on dealer pairs and player pairs.