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It seems that gambling, both land-based and casino game online, have always been one of the most popular and widespread human entertainment ever.

However, nowadays it appears that casino games are at the height of their fame considering the huge quantity of virtual and brick and mortar gaming institutions as well as numerous kinds of gambling plays.

Ancient casino history

There is no definite and unambiguous opinion about casino history origin but it is supposed that first games of chance were practiced even in 2300 B. C. as there are some Chinese records, which say that at those remote time people decided different disagreements by throwing dice and the one, who won, was considered to be right.

Another written mention about first gambling cases concerns 1020 AD, when Norwegian and Sweden kings of the same name Olaf could not have reached a consensus about the domination over the isolated land of Hising at the border of their kingdoms and resolved the problem using a couple of dice.

Therefore, it is widely believed that the whole human history from its very beginning and to current time is inseparably linked with gambling practice.

Online casino history

Regarding the modern history of highly sophisticated and available through the world online gambling entertainments, it is considered to begin in 1994 when Microgaming, the first casino game online supplier, published their brainchild - virtual software for gaming.

At the same time the Free Trade and Processing Zone Act was accepted, which made online casinos existence legal and possible in general.

In 1996 the next pillar stone of gambling was laid, when first virtual casinos started to withdraw real money for using their venues and playing their games.

Further, the history of gambling has been growing very fast presenting first progressive slots in 1998, developing multiplier gaming software in 1999 and surprising gamblers with striking amounts of jackpots.

Present casino's variety

At present time there are a lot of online casinos, which offer enormous quantity of casino game online of all kinds and types.

Almost all casino provide the same range of gambling entertainments while a significant difference regarding playing conditions, house odds and winning possibilities, deposit options and trial versions, still matters. In order not to get confused about all this variety, learn the section Casino Reviews and make a correct choice where to play.

There are games, which depends on pure luck mostly like slots machines, for gamblers who seek just for entertainment and fun, while also a number of rather challenging games exists like online black jack or video poker, which demand deep knowledge of the background behind the play as well as its skilful application in practice.