Online black jack guide

Online black jack is a bright example of successful gambling card game, which implies both players' skills and quirks of fate to be important determinants of gamblers' winning possibilities.

Black jack goal

Black jack theory determines the main goal of the game as to get such card combination on hand at the end of the play session, which is worth more points than the dealer's one without going over the crucial limit of 21 points.

In case gamblers have cards' total value over this amount they are considered as losers automatically disregarding other players and dealer's results. In such situation players are said to be busted.

The most favorable and 100% winning card combination is called a blackjack, or a natural, and includes an ace and one of the cards, which are valued for 10 points. It is important to remember that the notion of blackjack in this case refers only to the initial set of cards.

Black jack card values

In black jack each card is associated with a certain value, which is quantified with points. The following chart contains all the cards used in twenty one game and their corresponding worth:

It is very important to remember all these values by heart as the main principle of online black jack is grounded on accessing players' and dealer's card combinations in order to make an appropriate winning bet.

Black jack bets

After the dealer and all the gamblers get their first two cards, they are to make bets. Betting starts from the players who is sitting next to the dealer on the left side and continues clockwise.

Depending on the original set of cards players have the following options: hitting, standing, doubling down, splitting pairs and surrendering. The abovementioned bets are described in details in the section black jack rules and cover all the possible moves for different card combinations.

Black jack strategies

Black jack is a casino game online, which is considered to be a play of skill, which means that players theoretical knowledge and their relevant practical experience matter a lot for the winning chances.

Therefore, the first step after mastering twenty one's card values and possible bets is to learn how to use black jack strategies properly. Although, it could take some time, but the playing tactics are really valuable while could help to decrease the house odds to 0.2%-0.5%.