Best guide for slots machines gaming

Slots machines are considered to be one of the simplest and alluring casino entertainments.

The best confirmation for the statement is a huge quantity of slots apparatus, which are located really everywhere in various casinos all over the world, and what is most important, there are always crowds of gamblers, who are trying their luck in hope to win a jackpot of million dollars.

Slots peculiarities

Although at first sight the game could really look rather primitive, there are a lot of different playing pitfalls and slots secrets, which could influence players' possibilities of winning essentially.

The first thing you should know about slots is that various types of slots machines differ not only within their appearance, but also provide diverse playing conditions, which depend on a number of factors such as quantity of reels and paylines, credit values, bonus options and payout level.

Therefore, before start playing slots as well as other casino games actually it is important to learn carefully all the information about winning combinations, quantity of active paylines and possible rewards in pay table, which contains all the necessary and relevant instructions and useful tips how to manage with a particular slots apparatus.

Slots types

Let us classify slots machines into different groups in order to ease your choice of playing machine:

  • the first and the oldest type of slots is a classic three reel slots machine, which provides only one payline;
  • reel slots machine are equipped with 5 reels and thus, have more paylines (usually from 5 to 21), which increases players' chances to win in long run;
  • progressive slots are special in their jackpot, which is not fixed as in usual classic slots, but increases with each players' attempt to win. The scheme is the following: progressive slots are joined into some kind of a network and the value of jackpot enlarges when some player inserts the money into one of joined machines and pulls the lever. The upper limit of progressive jackpot is usually stabled by casino owners who might allow it to reach one million dollars and higher;
  • bonus feature slots machines offer games, which contains a lot of bonus levels and thus, players have more chances to win. Bonus game becomes available if a certain symbol combination appears on the reels.

Slots odds

A lot of even experienced gamblers could be easily confused about the notion of slots odds.

If it stated that the house odds are 98% one might think that this means that while playing on this slots machine they would be winners in 98 cases out of 100. Obviously, it is complete untrue.

The correct interpretation of such notice is that if players spend $100 for gambling, then $2 would be kept in the apparatus while $98 would serve for future gamblers' winnings. Exactly this 2% represents the house advantage, which confirms a famous statement that all casinos are always the winners in long run.