Research shows that 3 out of 10 blackjack players hit or stand without actually knowing whether they should; most of them just depend on their instincts. Now, although instincts can be helpful in winning blackjack games, this won't always be the case. Because of this, it would be essential for you to learn if you should hit or stand just by seeing the dealt cards, in general, and the dealer's hand.

Basic Strategy

The basic betting strategy of blackjack states that players constantly have to assume that the dealer has a face-down card with a value of 10. One theory even states that if the dealer has a face-down card with a value of 10 and gets a 6, he will probably get that card. However, if he gets a 7, he will probably bust and the player's odds of getting close to 21 would also be higher.

After learning how blackjack is played, you can put the basic strategy of blackjack to use in order to get the most chances of winning while significantly lowering the casino advantage. Basically, no legal method can be used efficiently to get over the house edge completely, which means that you cannot always beat blackjack with the blackjack strategy, no matter how much time goes by.

However, it is possible to significantly increase your odds of winning in the short term by using the basic strategy of blackjack. You can do this by printing out a chart with the betting strategy for blackjack. In a nutshell, this chart is a simulation of dealt blackjack cards in certain situations, which depend on the casino rules and the amount of decks used. Additionally, a vast array of books exists out there nowadays that feature both advanced and basic blackjack strategies.

Advanced Strategies

Counting cards refer to a strategy of blackjack where you need to remember which cards were already dealt. By doing this, you can find out whether the advantage is on your side or not and decide whether to make a bigger bet, stand, surrender, or hit.

Casinos see card-counting as an illegal strategy of blackjack. They even prevent people from counting cards by shuffling them before every hand gets dealt. Traditional casinos also try to battle this particular strategy by spotting card counters and taking preventative measures at the same time - increasing the amount of decks, for example, so people will have a harder time counting, and completely forbidding new players from entering in the middle of the deck.

Basic Tips

  • Pick your blackjack table wisely, so you can enjoy while playing at your best.
  • Manage your overall bankroll. If things look tough, leave.