Legal Info

1. This is the total agreement between the two parties the website and the users. This agreement built by the support and highest using facility by both parties and to make this agreement, references have been gotten from the older agreements and different subject matter.

2. When any of these parties fail to pay a due amount in time them according to this agreement one party can apply a small amount of interest on the due amount and this is legal but not grateful. The interest rate must be small and the rate can't be exceeding 2% annually and this rate will be applicable from the due date of the payment.

3. If you do not have the written agreement form the website then you can't hand over your rights to other parties, you can't also give sub-contract to other parties about your rights in the agreement.

4. If one party of the agreement delays, or neglects or forbearance that other party may have some problems to follow the terms to use the website then the agreement can be omitted or the troubled party will get concession for some amount they suffer for the cause of other party.

5. When a part or section of the agreement is seems to be void or not applicable for current situation then that part or section will be excluded from the original agreement and the remain parts or sections will work as the current agreement between those parties until new agreement is signed by both parties.

6. You have to mail to the mail account of the website, if you have something to tell or know and you will get prior notices from the website according to the agreement between you and the website and the notices of the website will come via the registered mailing address.

7. When the agreement continues, you can make your decision and business plan by having discussion with the website and they shall provide you effective information according to your business or business plan. You have the rights to keep the information safe and both parties can't provide or share the business information to a third party and if any party does so then that will be a clear violation to the agreement.

8. The agreement will be used as the laws of this country and both parties have to submit their query to the court of this country to make solution of any dispute.