Tips for roulette, slots, blackjack and poker

There is no exactly determined date of invention of gambling games, but it seems that the whole history of humanity is tightly connected to different games of luck.

There are even some records about first applications of plays of chance in 2300 BC in China where people threw dice in order to find a consensus about some questions they could not have reach an agreement by discussion.

Nevertheless, nowadays most gamblers play roulette or baccarat just for fun and entertainment while some inveterate players search for raising their capital in result of winning some jackpot.

Common casino tips

Therefore, it is logically that there are a lot of rather useful gaming tips casino players have developed. Among most popular and proved pieces of advice are the following points:

  • in roulette it is always better to choose playing European game instead of American one as the first roulette variation offers lower house edge of 2.7% (comparing to American play's odds of 5.26%). Such quite significant difference in winning possibilities is caused by the fact that American roulette is designed so it has an additional double zero position on its wheel, which decreases the chances of hitting certain combination;
  • moreover, the next tip concerning roulette is to look for the game, which allows such favorable conditions as La Partage rule or En Prison rule that also reduce the house advantage over players;
  • concerning playing online black jack it is highly non-recommendable to accept an insurance option while making bets as it could provide rather doubtful benefits in case of insured event, but increases house odds twofold in other cases;
  • in video poker players are not advised to keep the cards, which do not pay out as in case of getting 5 more cards, which also do not provide any payoff, you could find yourself in the same situation as before;
  • while gambling on slots machines gamblers should choose the type of slots game very carefully as all of them offer different playing conditions, winning combinations and payout rates. Therefore, in order not to be disappointed about your results consider firstly whether you are risky enough to try your luck in progressive slots, which provide high jackpots but demand more money to be spent, or it is better for you to play in regular multiplier slots. In latter case the value of jackpot is fixed, so there is no need to gamble maximum coins bet, which suits risk-averse players perfectly;
  • and the last but not the least common advice for all types of gambling entertainments is not to chase your previous losses as in most cases such behavior leads to complete bankruptcy and total frustration.