Types of Slots

Ever since the Liberty Bell machine was invented, a lot of changes have already taken place. Back then, there were no other slot machines but Liberty Bell and things were simple. Money was inserted, the lever was pulled, and people could play. Plus, every game was a three-reel classic. Today, however, there are so many slot machines available that you might have difficulties telling them apart. Here are several different kinds of slots.

Different Kinds of Reel Slots

Because the very first games used three reels, today's three-reel games are called the classics. These three-reel machines have three symbol columns. While three symbol rows are usually seen, there is only one pay line, so the center one is the only one considered in determining wins. While playing three-reel classics, you may have to pull on the machine's arm, as well, in order to initiate reel spinning.

Five-reel slot machines look like the three-reel machines, but bigger, as they have five columns as opposed to just three. Usually, as with the classic, five-reel machines come with a single center pay line. Several of these machines come with multiple pay lines, though, so it would be vital to check for the amount of pay lines on each machine. In general, players won't have to reach five similar symbols for a prize. Usually, three in one row would be enough. It would be vital to remember that pay lines start at the left, as well. If the three symbols are on the far right, it probably won't be considered as a win. Conversely, if five symbols appear on the reels that are the same, the prize will be fairly big, resulting in a preference from players who like big jackpots.

Modern Slots

Video slots started where traditional reels left off. Since they are electronically operated, video slots provide a lot of options, which older slots do not. For instance, video slots provide multiple pay lines and have a lot of different styles, ranging from three to five reels. Aside from showing reel spinning animations, video slots usually have various other animations to show off wins, as well. One especially interesting feature would be the function of wild cards.

Wild cards refer to certain symbols that can complete a symbol series on the pay line, no matter what the symbols are. Several video slots also have extra scatter bonuses for players to win, no matter where the pay line stands. Several video slots even provide bonus games, progressive jackpots, and multiple spins.