Volta Casino Review

People are weird, especially when it comes to entertainment such as online gambling. While some will chase after visuals and sounds over any mechanic, others will focus on just the game and don’t need any bells and whistles on the platform itself. The Volta Casino seems to favor the latter.

Here is a quick review of where we stand with Casino Volta:

It has a Curacao license and has been on the market for over seven years. Legally, the platform is completely safe and even has cybersecurity features that would outshine many platforms that look newer.

On that point, it does seem a bit simple, with games being front and center. Some people like that, but it should be mentioned in advance.

Finally, it’s variations of banking methods available at Volta Casino. If you are a crypto-lover, then this is the platform for you or at least one you will have an easy time trying. Crypto is not only accepted, but buying-in with crypto is the fastest, cheapest, and most reliable of all options.

Good Legal Protection and Bonuses

The first question with any online casino should be ‘’Is it legal?’’ and Volta is no different. It shows clearly its Curacao license and answers to a long list of demands necessary for that platform. Because of it, your private information, as well as your deposit, is 100% safe with the platform.

The Volta bonuses are also quite competitive. Namely, the deposit bonus can be used three times officially, and probably more if you are willing to bother customer support which is online 24/7.

The match-up bonus only works up to 300 CAD, but if you are playing slots, that is more than enough. Also, there are free spins now and then, as well as 30 CAD you will get every time you celebrate your birthday.

There is also the loyalty club that mainly focuses on cashback, churning between 25% and 100% deepening on your level. There are also other prizes, but those are usually sent sporadically through the newsletter.

Rudimentary Design

The design of the Volta Casino is generally essential. There is little to entice the eye the first you land on their platform aside from the games themselves.

The benefit of this approach is that you will be able to find the games quickly, and there are no attempts to draw your attention to anything else. But, this also makes the platform look dated, reducing the trust in digital security. Such a perspective is wrong, but not feeling safe even subconsciously removes from the experience.

Mecca for Crypto

Casino Volta accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Not only are those actively used on the platform, the processing speed for them is only a few hours, meaning that you can verify and play on the same day, which can’t be said for those who wish to buy in with credit cards.